I-Security Group can help your organization with the following cyber forensics services:


  • Computer/Disk Drive Forensics
  • Email and Social Media Forensics

  • Cell/Smartphone/Tablet Forensics

  • ​​Database Forensics and eDiscovery

 Security Audits

I-Security Group provides Security Audit services designed to assess the security risks facing your business and the controls or countermeasures you can adopt to mitigate those risks. The IT Security Audit is performed by our experts with technical and business knowledge of the company’s information technology assets and business processes. Our security audit involves an interview with your key personnel, conducting vulnerability assessments, cataloging existing security policies and controls, and examining IT assets covered by the scope of the audit.   ​

Vulnerability Assessment

We use our Vulnerability Scanning Service to identify vulnerabilities in your environment and give you detailed reports and remediation solutions.  We will also give you guidance on not only the security issues we find but also on how your organization can position itself to reduce exposure to future risks and threats.​

Mobile Money Security

Managing risk in mobile money is a challenging task, especially when it comes to the risk of fraud. Fraud not only results in financial loss to customers or a mobile money provider, but it also damages the reputation of the service to the customer and risks the reputation of the organization as a whole. As such, mitigating the risk of fraud is a primary objective in a robust risk management strategy. 

Our Penetration Test Service will include a final report that has the following details:

  • An executive summary of the Penetration Test results that will be jargon free
  • The methodologies we used and the scope of our testing
  • Any research information we used in conducting the test
  • A priority list indicating the risks and their associated remediation A recommended Action Plan for remediation 

We Protect your most valuable assets

Cloud Security

Security and data protection are an integral part for cloud implementation success. Cloud security experts at I-Security Group will help your organization reduce your risk, enhance your compliance posture, and increase peace of mind.  

 Cyber Forensics Investigation

Our Cyber Forensics Investigation Services is led by CEO Marc Atayi and a team of digital forensics experts.  M. Atayi is a Certified Cyber Forensics Professional (CCFP).

Our approach includes the following:

  • Multi-Platform Reverse Engineering, File System & API Monitoring
  • Proprietary, Open-Source, and Commercial Tools
  • Vulnerability testing

I-Security Group offers a wide range of information security services to protect our clients’ networks and critical assets.  At I-Security Group, we always seek to identify clients’ business needs and develop insightful strategies that respond to those needs in an effective, timely manner.  We formulate our solutions with a view towards developing a longstanding, mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. Furthermore, we would like to assure our clients that, while Security and Risk Assessment is our expertise, your business objectives remains a priority for us.
We offer a sound approach, with a focus on efficiency and client service.​

  • A workshop for your technical (IT) staff designed to enhance their ability to provide your organization with the daily tools and knowledge to be more  effective in protecting your assets
  • A Security Awareness workshop designed for your entire staff.  This workshop covers basic but essential concepts of security that every employee needs to  know. These concepts include the proper use and importance of passwords, the risks associated with downloading software from the Internet, email  security, etc.

Our security service for banks includes:

  • Helping your organization  with the ability to proactively detect and remediate threats before critical transactions and data are compromised
  • Develop strategies to enhance financial services compliance such as  NIST, PCI – DSS, ISO, ISACA, GLBA and the FFIEC 
  • Establish a security program of regular vulnerability assessments and intrusion detection tests
  • Enhance continuous monitoring and rapidly implement cyber-attack countermeasures

Security for banks

As cyber threats to the banking industry evolves and becomes a frequent occurrence, executives of these organizations cite avoiding data breaches and cyber attacks as their primary goals.


I-Security Group offers 2 types of training designed to enhance your organization’s security posture:

Business Continuity Management (BCM)

 Today, businesses can't afford a single minute of downtime. Outages can result in the loss of productivity, defection of customers, and negative revenue impact. They can even have long-lasting impact on the brand equity and reputation of your  business. Your enterprise needs cost-effective business continuity management services that can reduce unexpected disruptions without costing a fortune
 Trust I-Security Group professionals, time-tested methodologies and industry-leading capabilities to help you maintain continuous business operations  and improve overall resiliency.   

Our Vulnerability Scanning Service includes:


  • Internal and External scans across network devices, servers, web applications,  databases, and other assets in your environment.
  • Prioritization of vulnerabilities based on criticality of your assets.

  • Clear explanations of the recommended fix for each vulnerability found.

  • ​Trending and differential reports that show changes to your security posture  over time

Security Awareness & Policy Development

Our team of experts can analyze and document your security needs and help establish documentation to ensure adequate security to protect your organization’s assets and your clients’ information.

Penetration/Intrusion Testing

Our penetration test will simulate a real-world hacker’s attempt to gain access to your network and information assets. We provide a variety of tests; from a simple attempt to access your system from outside of your network, to an in-depth penetration that will attempt to exploit any vulnerability just like an actual hacker would.

These tests are performed by our security engineers in a safe and controlled manner and they have an in-depth experience and knowledge with the tools that real-world hackers use. 

The benefit of a penetration test is to highlight any weaknesses in your system and to take corrective measures before an actual attack. 

Our Mobile Money Security Service includes:

  • Helping your organization identify and assess key risks:  understanding the potential of fraud
  • Helping your organization establish effective preventive and detective controls
  • Establish a security program of regular vulnerability assessments and intrusion detection tests
  • Helping your organization implement effective training for internal and external users
  • Perform security risk and assessment 

  • Document the results of the audit

  • Specify and implement new/updated controls

Mobile application security testing

I-Security Group uses its proprietary tools, commercial tools and techniques such as application mapping and reverse engineering to identify business logic and technical vulnerabilities in your mobile applications.  

Our Compliance services include the following:


  • Analyze your security needs and recommend the appropriate set of guidelines and policies that fit your organization.
  • Identify the appropriate personnel for each of the aspects of the security policy.

  • Help you create a security awareness program tailored to your organization and to design activities to educate your employees on the various aspects of  your security program and their responsibilities in carrying them out. 


Our team of experts can customize your organization’s security assessments based on your industry sector.  We can assess the current state of your security and give you guidance on how your security posture compares to best practices and regulatory guidelines 

  • Digital Device Forensics

  • Computer Forensic Readiness Assessments

  • ​​Computer Expert Witnesses

Our services can help your organization accomplish the following:


  • Analyze your security needs and recommend the appropriate set of guidelines and policies that fit your organization.
  • Identify the appropriate personnel for each of the aspects of the security policy.

  • Help you create a security awareness program tailored to your organization and to design activities to educate your employees on the various aspects of  your security program and their responsibilities in carrying them out. 

Our security audit process involves the following:


  • Define the physical scope of the audit
  • Define the process scope of the audit

  • Conduct historical due diligence

  • ​Develop the audit plan

I-Security Group will help your organization:


  • Safely and securely move to public and hybrid clouds
  • Determine if you are secure and compliant with mandates for your industry

  • Measure the security posture of your cloud provider and offer recommendations based on your goals and objectives

  • Design your security operations to help you move to the cloud securely and without risking cloud data security.

Our BCM services will help your organization:


  • Understand, manage, and address potential threats to your business continuity
  • Ensure your investments are focused on the right resilience capabilities

  • Maximize availability and management of your resiliency program